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Phoenix Multi / MultiPlus
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Phoenix Multi / MultiPlus
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Phoenix Multi / MultiPlus

Multi-functional, with intelligent shore and generator power management

The Multi gets its name from the multiple functions it can perform. It is a powerful true sine wave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger that features adaptive charge technology, and a high-speed AC transfer switch in a single compact enclosure. Beside these primary functions, however, the Multi has several advanced features that provide a range of new applications as outlined below.

Uninterrupted AC power (UPS function)

In the event of a grid failure, or shore or generator power being disconnected, the inverter within the Multi is automatically activated and takes over the supply to the connected loads. This happens so fast (less than 16 milliseconds) that computers and other electronic equipment will continue to operate without disruption. The maximum current of the transfer switch is 30 A per Multi. An external switch for up to 80 A is available at request (for 240 VAC only).

Virtually unlimited power thanks to parallel operation

Up to 6 Multi's can operate in parallel to achieve higher power output. Six 24/3000/70 units, for example, provide 15 kW / 18 kVA output power with 420 Amps of charging capacity.

Three phase, split phase and 2 leg three phase capability

In addition to parallel connection, three units of the same model can be configured for three-phase output. But that-s not all: up to 6 sets of three units can be parallel connected for a huge 45 kW / 54 kVA inverter and 1260 A charger! Similarly, 2 or more Multi-s can be connected in split phase or 2 leg three phase configuration.

PowerControl - Dealing with limited generator or shore side / grid power

The Multi is a very powerful battery charger. It will therefore draw a lot of current from the generator or shore side supply (nearly 20 A per Multi at 120 VAC). With the Phoenix Multi Control Panel a maximum generator or shore current can be set. The Multi will then take account of other AC loads and use whatever is extra for charging, thus preventing the generator or shore supply from being overloaded.

PowerAssist - Boosting the capacity of shore or generator power, an innovative feature of the MultiPlus

The feature that distinguishes the Phoenix MultiPlus from the standard Multi is PowerAssist. This feature takes the principle of PowerControl to a further dimension allowing the MultiPlus to supplement the capacity of the alternative source. Where peak power is so often required only for a limited period, the Phoenix MultiPlus will make sure that insufficient shore or generator power is immediately compensated for by power from the battery. When the load reduces, the spare power is used to recharge the battery. Note: minimum shore current 6 A per MultiPlus, and minimum generator rating 70% of connected MultiPlus rating

Four stage adaptive charger and dual bank battery charging

The main output provides a powerful charge to the battery system by means of advanced -adaptive charge- software that fine-tunes the three stage automatic process to suit the condition of the battery, and ads a forth stage for long periods of float charging. The adaptive charge process is described in more detail on the Phoenix Charger datasheet and on our website, under Technical Information. In addition to this, the Multi will charge a second battery using an independent trickle charge output intended for a main engine or generator starter battery.

Energy Unlimited

The possibilities of paralleled high power Multi-s are truly amazing. For ideas, examples and battery capacity calculations, please refer to our book -Energy Unlimited- (available free of charge from Victron Energy and downloadable from Please also see our MultiPlus brochure, our Systems brochure, our white paper -Achieving the Impossible- and -A guide to VEConfigure-.

multiplus-grafik1.gif multiplus-grafik2.gif
12 Volt C 12/800/35 C 12/1200/50 C 12/1600/70 C12/2000/80 12/3000/120 (3)
24 Volt C 24/800/16 C 24/1200/25 C 24/1600/40 C 24/2000/50 24/3000/70 (3)
48 Volt 48/3000/35 (3)
PowerControl Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PowerAssist (MultiPlus version) Nein Yes, MultiPlus Yes, MultiPlus Yes yes
Transfer switch (A) 16 16 16 30 16 or 30
Input voltage range (V DC) 9,5 - 17 V ; 19 - 33 V ; 38 - 66 V
Output Output voltage: 230 VAC ▒ 2% ; Frequency: 50 Hz ▒ 0,1% (1)
Cont. output power at 25 ░C (VA) (5) 800 1200 1600 2000 3000
Cont. output power at 25 ░C (W) 700 1000 1300 1600 2500
Cont. output power at 40 ░C (W) 650 900 1200 1450 2000
Peak power (W) 1600 2400 3000 4000 6000
Maximum efficiency (%) 92 / 94 93 / 94 93 / 94 93 / 94 93 / 94 / 95
Zero-load power (W) 5 / 8 5 / 8 5 / 8 10 / 10 10 / 10 / 12
AC Input Input voltage range: 187-265 VAC Input frequency: 45 - 55 Hz Power factor: 1
Charge voltage 'absorption' (V DC) 14,4 / 28,8 / 57,6
Charge voltage 'float' (V DC) 13,8 / 27,6 / 55,2
Storage mode (V DC) 13,2 / 26,4 / 52,8
Charge current house battery (A) (4) 35 / 16 50 / 25 70 / 40 80 / 50 120 / 70 / 35
Charge current starter battery (A) 4
Battery temperature sensor ja
Multi purpose relay driver or relay (6) relay driver (7) relay driver (7) relay driver (7) relay driver (7) relay
Protection (2) a,b,c,d,f,g,h a - h
Common Characteristics Operating temp. range: -20 to +50░C (fan assisted cooling) Humidity (non condensing) : max 95%
Common Characteristics Material & Colour: aluminium (blue RAL 5012) ; Protection category: IP 21
Battery-connection battery cables of 1.5 meter M8 studs
230 V AC-connection G-ST18i connector Spring-clamp Screw-clamp
Weight (kg) 10 10 10 12 18
Dimensions (hxwxd in mm) 375x214x110 520x255x125 362x258x218
Safety EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-29
Emission / Immunity EN55014-1, EN 61000-3-2 / EN 55014-2, EN 61000-3-3
Automotive Directive 95/54/EC and 2004/104/EC
  1. Can be adjusted to 60 Hz; 120 V 60 Hz on request
  2. Protection
    1. Output short circuit
    2. Overload
    3. Battery voltage too high
    4. Zu niedrige Batteriespannung
    5. Battery voltage too low
    6. Battery reverse polarity detection
    7. 230 V AC on inverter output
    8. Input voltage ripple too high
    9. Temperature too high
  3. Suitable for parallel and 3-phase operation
  4. At 25 ░C ambient
  5. Non linear load, crest factor 3:1
  6. Multipurpose relay which can be set for general alarm,
    DC undervoltage or genset start signal function
  7. Open collector output 66V 40mA


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Phoenix Multi / MultiPlus:

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